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Draw the pirate? I'll show them who's king!

pro create at procreate

Procreate had the nicest booth. And the cutest logo! They were showing Painter 7 for OS X at beautiful design stations like this. They also had a bar with free coffee, and colored pencils so attendees could express their creativity and enter to win a G4.

Who is Procreate? Corel, believe it or not. Sensing, perhaps, that Mac users don't take Corel seriously, they created a pro division for the new programs they acquired from Meta Creations (Painter and Kai Power Tools) and Ultimatte (Knockout, an amazing silhouette tool). And since there is already a Corel Paint product, this might avoid some marketing confusion.

OK, so Corel's timing couldn't have been worse; Apple's new ad campaign uses "Pro Create", too! And I sincerely hope that the Corellians doesn't shoot themselves in the foot by marketing Corel Draw as a Procreate title, as they told me they might (Procreate Drawer, perhaps?).

Do the "Bunny Hop"

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