Car Show 2001

Chris, Yoko and I headed over to Javitt's Center Friday night (April 20) to see how the car show was doing. I carried along my trusty Sony TRV-11 camcorder and caught some digital stills on its 4MB Memory Stick, which I present to you here. All in all it was a good show, but there was still an overwhelming emphasis on SUVs. Most of the concept cars were unusually square and angular, with the exception of a lone Oldsmobile in the basement (sorry, no photos of it). By far the ugliest car at the show... perhaps the ugliest car ever... was the Nissan Chappo. See what I said about last year's show, or visit the official car show website,

A Mazda mini van concept.

A cool taillight detail.

The massive grill on Lincoln's
new show car.

This VW van concept
looks like a diesel locomotive!

It was ugly and cool at the same time,
with lots of nice details
like this hood ornament...

...and its headlight pods.

The BWM roadster is not showcar,
but it has amazing detailing.

Here I am reflected
in the rear view mirror.

This is the BWM's
side air intake.

This is a press photo of
BMW's concept roadster.

Its taillight looks like this.

This is the 2002 Dodge Viper.
It is not as retro as the current Viper.

The only cool truck, in our opinion,
was this Ford EX dune buggy concept,
seen in this press photo.

It's extremely rugged,
as you can see from this interior view.

The best car of all was the Meow Mix van.
The tongue sticks in and out
when it drives!

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